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Solve your logistics problems before they arise

Optimize your logistics with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
and intelligent video analysis


Using cutting-edge technologies such as edge computing, AI, IIoT and intelligent video analysis, SiB Solutions is pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our logtech platform enables flawless logistics. Instantly save time and money, and dramatically improve quality, from superior visibility, visual evidence, and insights.

Flawless, profitable logistics

SiB Solutions is a logistics technology company enabling flawless logistics across the supply chain. Our intelligent video services with AI instantly provide superior visibility and visual evidence and insights. We bring you profitable logistics processes you can show off.

Shortcut to flawless logistics

Save money and improve quality

Get rid of significant costs related to goods that are reported lost, damaged, or delivered incorrectly. Fulfill your customers’ expectations of a flawless purchasing and delivery experience. Flawless logistics is kinder to the environment too.

Explore the value

Let the visuals prove you right

Get immediate advantage of visual evidence and insights in critical areas. Our customers are high achievers in logistics. They subscribe to our services to stay ahead of the game. We like to say that only the best subscribe. Shouldn’t you?

Get going

Easy to subscribe to, easy to use

We offer straight-forward subscription services that include immediate gains from visibility and insights, best practice and technical requirements. We deliver world-wide and promise you to get one step closer to flawless logistics every day.

How you subscribe

Seeing is Believing

Intelligent video and AI services enable flawless logistics processes in real time. Intelligent video analysis means instant access to visual evidence of goods handling. Simply search to see what’s happening. Press play to explore a top-notch tool for continuous improvement and logistics quality.

See some of our customers


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